Packing tips for backpackers

Packing your backpack gets extremely important, if you are planning to be on the road for a long time.  It can be tricky and requires some advance planning.  Here are some packing tips:

# 1 – Travel light. No words can emphasize the importance of light backpacking enough. A light backpack will give you freedom, more joy out of your trip and more importantly, a healthier back.

It is usually difficult to figure out what you would not need on the road. In the past, I traveled with a lot of junk stuff and ended up carrying them for months just because I “thought” I would need them. Now, I am more strict. I first buy my backpack (45l) and then decide what to take with me, weighing each item.

#2 – Buy what you need locally and then get rid of it, when you don’t need it any more. For example, don’t carry a coat with you just because you would need it for four months of your year long trip. Buy it when you need it and then get rid of it. This way you will save yourself and your back from a lot of trouble.

#3 – Carry a day pack. And, divide your load into two: Things that you need to have with you all the time (more valuable items) and things that you will only need to carry, when you change places/cities. I carry all my important stuff, including my camera gear, in my day pack and I keep it with me all the time. The rest of my stuff is packed in my backpack and I don’t move it around unless I am moving to a new place/city.

#4 – Pack your heavier stuff in the middle of your backpack, so that you can distribute the weight on your hips rather than your shoulders. This way you can carry it more comfortably.


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