Planning your backpacking trip

Planning is one of the most crucial phases of your trip and you need to ask yourself several questions and do your research beforehand.

Where to go?

What do you enjoy doing/seeing the most? What intrigues you the most? Culture, undiscovered places, history, people, landscape, beaches, or a combination of them? How adventurous are you?

Each country offers something unique and you need to do your research to find out the best destination for your taste.

How much time do you have?

How much time can you take off? Some destinations may require longer times to get there and back, and longer travel times within the country/region.

Your budget

How much would you like to spend for this trip? If you are not going to Europe, the fight fare may be your highest cost and the longer you stay, the lower your cost per day may get.

Your experience

Different destinations require different skill sets and previous experience, and you may want to plan a trip in a region, where you will enjoy and feel comfortable exploring.

Visa regulations

Some countries may impose strict visa regulations and this certainly changes depending on what passport you travel with. Do you need to get the visa beforehand or can you get it on the border? How long does it take to get the visa?


Some regions may require you to get vaccinated before getting there and this is not something you should take lightly.



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