Traveling solo?

Is traveling solo really no fun? None of us would really like to be stranded in a foreign country and be alone. However, it is sometimes almost impossible to find a friend who would like to go to the same region at the same time as we would like to go. Should this really deter us from going there?

The answer is not really! There are several factors to consider in this situation. If we look at the big picture, more people than you would ever think travel solo and it is easier than you would think to meet and hook up with other travelers.  This gets even more so in third world countries, where it gets more challenging to backpack alone and many backpackers feel more bonded with each other.

Traveling soloWhen you travel alone, you are more open to meeting others and you meet and become friends with more people. And, more people approach you – if you have a travel companion, others will not approach you as much and you also will not have the need to approach others as much.

Also, traveling with the same person for a long time may be very difficult even for good friends – it gets more intense when you are always together, and you won’t want to do the same things all the time. Your differences may seem to get more apparent – sometimes even couples separate after traveling together.

I always travel alone, but I am never alone. 80% of the time, I am traveling or hanging out with someone and I like the idea of being able to do my own thing and have my freedom once in a while, when I want it. In my opinion, one of the greatest things about traveling is the opportunity to meet other backpackers from all around the world. Backpackers are a different breed and traveling with a different backpacker every time in a different part of the world really adds to the experience. In the past, I traveled with many people from all around the world for various periods of times from two hours to 3 1/2 months. And, an American or a  German or a Brit that you meet in the middle of Africa or Asia would definitely be a more interesting person than someone you would randomly meet on the streets of Chicago, Munich or London.

In some countries though, it may be a good idea to have someone with you for safety or other reasons. In these cases, trying to find a travel companion in travel forums on the internet may be a viable option, if you cannot convince a friend to come with you. And, if you end up not being able to find anyone before arriving in your destination, make sure to stay in a hostel – hostel dormitories are one of the best places to find travel companions.

Another exception would be if you are a female traveler. In this case, you will be more restricted in solo travel than a male traveler, especially in more off-beaten path destinations.



  1. Georgia says:

    I am a female solo traveler, I have a million people that “would love to come” – none ever do. Your last statement definitely rings true as well! I have done most of Asia by myself and with friends – but am planning my next big adventure. I am finding that I will probably have to travel with a tour for some parts of the Middle East and Africa, hoping that this support/company will ease me into the culture, and then I can adventure on solo from there.

    But absolutely, unfortunately us girls get a bit of a rough time out there!

    Love your articles & stunning photography – Happy travelling. 🙂

    • Mustafa Dogru says:

      Happy and safe traveling, Georgia! And, many thanks for your kind words!

      Best wishes from Colombia!

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