Planning your backpacking trip

Planning is one of the most crucial phases of your trip and you need to ask yourself several questions and do your research beforehand. Where to go? What do you enjoy doing/seeing the most? What intrigues you the most? Culture, undiscovered places, history, people, landscape, beaches, or a combination of them? How adventurous are you? Each country offers something unique […]

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Backpacking safety tips

Safety is important in backpacking. Many places are indeed safer than what we hear in the media and you can travel safely in many parts of the world, if you use common sense and be careful. Below are some backpacking safety tips: #1 – Use your common sense and don’t be paranoid about safety. Please don’t forget that if you […]

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Packing tips for backpackers

Packing your backpack gets extremely important, if you are planning to be on the road for a long time.  It can be tricky and requires some advance planning.  Here are some packing tips: # 1 – Travel light. No words can emphasize the importance of light backpacking enough. A light backpack will give you freedom, more joy out of your […]

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