Top 10 reasons why I love NY

New York is one of my favorite cities and after living here for more than seven years, here are my top 10 reasons to love this unique city:

New York at night

Brooklyn Bridge

#1 – Phenomenal  diversity

New York is one of the few places in the world,  where one can travel the world without leaving the city. You can immerse yourself in almost every culture just by traveling to a different neighborhood. Especially in Queens and Brooklyn, the most diverse boroughs in the United States and probably in the world, you can experience a different culture in every neighborhood and easily forget that you are in the U.S.


#2 – The food

New York has the best restaurants and a unique street food scene that offer the widest range of options from around the world. Whether you would like to fine dine or just eat cheap street food, you can experience any cuisine from around the world in this international city.


#3 – The best of everything

Depending on what you are interested in, the presence of the best art and music scene, some of the world’s best schools, the great collection of world-renowned museums, some of  the largest companies and top-notch shopping are only some of the factors that make New York the unofficial capital of the world. And, from Statue of Liberty to Carnegie Hall and Empire State Building to Wall Street, many iconic places you have seen on TV are in New York.


#4 – The city that never sleeps

This city has a unique energy. You will always find something to do in NYC, no matter what time of the day it is. You will always see people around and find places to eat and shop.


#5 – Friendly people

It is pretty to rare to find a born and raised New Yorker in this diverse city. Many people are from somewhere else and New York is just a stop in their lives, where they experience new things. Most of my friends, whom I met when I first moved here seven years ago, have already moved elsewhere around the world. So, everyone wants to make new friends and they are very approachable and worldly.


#6 – Easy to blend in

Whether you are Asian, White, Black or Hispanic, everybody has a place in New York.  This city is like a special country that is formed by the United Nations and nobody feels foreign here.  Because of this unique vibe, NYC embraces everyone, and the moment you move here, you become a New Yorker.


#7 – The parks

New York has the best parks that are very conveniently located all around the city.  You can easily spend your whole day exploring  Central Park or just relax and read your book or watch people in any of the parks around the city. During the summer, there are concerts and all kind of events in different parks.


#8 – The parades

Parades in New York

Hispanic Parade in NYC

NYC offers the widest range of  parades in the world and some of these parades offer a unique way to explore different cultures. Whether you would like to see the world famous Halloween Parade or an ethnic parade from some part of the world, New York is the place to fully experience them. They are fun to watch, photograph and participate. The Caribbean and the West Indian Labor Day Parade is the largest parade in New York and it attracts a few million people every year.



 #9  – You don’t need a car in New York!

Believe it or not, you don’t need a car in New York! This is not only because of the efficient mass transit system here, but having a car is also difficult and expensive in NYC, especially in Manhattan. Therefore, most New Yorkers do not own a car and use public transportation.

Thanks to the efficient mass transit system and short distances, you can commute to most places in Manhattan within half hour – which is a way shorter commute time than that of an average metropolitan city.


# – 10 The capital of money

There is so much money and business opportunities in New York and this is the place to get rich for entrepreneurial minded. And, generally speaking, NY is the place to get the best and the highest paying jobs, although general living expenses are also usually higher than other places here.





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