About Mustafa Dogru

Mustafa DogruI am a Turkish photographer, who has spent an important part of his adult life in New York City. Along with photography, I have also always had a passion for traveling and exploring different cultures, since I was a child. In my travels, I enjoy immersing myself in local cultures photographing people, customs and places along the way.


Backpacking the world overland

I have had a special interest in overland travel - more specifically in taking longer times off and crossing multiple countries or continents overland (without flying) from one end to the other. This way, I hope to eventually cover all the continents in a few years’ time and complete my overland world trip.

In my previous cross continental overland trips, I crossed Asia (Indonesia to Turkey) in 10 months, the Middle East and Africa (Istanbul to Cape Town) in three months, Europe (Istanbul to Morocco via Spain) in over two months, and parts of Australia (Melbourne to Cairns) in three months. And, currently I am getting ready for another year long overland backpacking trip in Latin America that is scheduled to start on March 1, 2012. In this trip, I plan to backpack overland from the United States all the way down to the southern tip of Argentina following the Pacific Coast and then up to Brazil again, covering around 20 countries. Please check the map on the following link for more information on my future and past overland itineraries:


My Photography

My favorite genre of photography is personal portraits. I love people and believe that people in every country are unique. My goal is reflecting the culture of a country by showing its people in my photos. I am also very much interested in social documentary photography, which refers to highlighting the lives of underprivileged and disadvantaged people. In my opinion, this specific genre of photography does not only tell about the local culture, but it also conveys valuable life lessons for many of us.

I usually pick a different theme and photograph a different group of people in each country, such as Mayans in Guatemala; sex workers and gang members in El Salvador; and Garifunas (people of West African descent) in Honduras, and try to spend some time with them to portray their lives.

Apart from personal portraits and social documentary photography, I also enjoy shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) and long exposures.

The press coverage

My previous trips are covered by several media outlets, including print media, and radio and TV channels. Also, some of my pieces and photographs are published in the print media.


Mustafa Dogru
New York – January 8, 2012



  1. David Greene says:

    Hi Mustafa!

    What a fantastic site you have created. And I look forward to reading about your future adventures.

    I was in Philadelphia Feb. 25-26th. I am sure everyone had a wonderful time on the 25th.

    Enjoy your globetrotting. Hope to see you when you visit New York.


  2. eni says:

    You have to visit San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. You will do justice to the place with the pictures you take and hopefully it will do you justice with its inspiration.
    Many hugs!

    • Mustafa Dogru says:

      Eni, I am in Guatemala now and it will take me at least six months to reach Chile. However, I will definitely look into visiting San Pedro de Atacama once I am there. Thank you for your suggestion and best wishes from Antigua!

  3. Natalie says:

    Mustafa – Do you not have a Facebook page or Twitter account? Anyway, I have signed up for your newsletter. Good luck with everything you do and congrats on being so adventurous in life

    • Mustafa Dogru says:

      Thank you, Natalie! Unfortunately, I don’t use social media as much as I should be. I only have a personal Facebook page to update my friends.

  4. laurarose says:

    It’s refreshing to see people like you in this world, who are truly ALIVE. Travel has changed me for the better. It takes sadness to appreciate happiness, challenges to understand peace. Thank you for your great tips/stories! Best wishes!

  5. serkan says:

    mustafa abi ben türkiye’de yaşıyorum,aydın kuşadası.hürriyet gazetesinin seyahat ekini okurum genellikle.bugün senle yapılmış bir röportaj vardı,okudum çok hoşuma gitti.internet siteni de yazmışsın hemen girdim :).gerçekten benim de ciddi bir şekilde hayalimdir tüm dunyayı dolaşmak.tabi sorum var :).biraz maddi olucak ama; seyahat ederken gerekli parayı nerden buluyosun abi? sonuçta hep yoldasın,yani önceden mi biriktirmiştin.çok istediğim için bu mesajı yazdım abi.inşallah cevaplandırırsın.şimdiden iyi eğlenceler ve teşekkürler abi.

    • Mustafa Dogru says:

      Serkan, ben belli bir sure calisip birikim yaptiktan sonra geziyorum. Bir de sana tavsiyem sadece Amerika ve Avrupa’yi degil daha ucuz seyahat olanaklari sunan bolgeleri de degerlendirmen. Mesela hemen yani basimizda muazzam bir tarihi barindiran Iran var. Karadan Hindistan’a veya Nepal’e de cok az para harcayarak gidebilirsin.

  6. Yasemin says:

    Çok beğendim ve gurur duydum. Bilgiler, resimler bir harika… tüm yolculuklarınızda iyi şanslar yanınızda olsun. Çok imrendim :)

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